Communicating with customers is even easier with the AdsQoo SMS API, our reliable network that is connected to all GSM operators in Indonesia, and it is ready to serve you in building information service.


We are the right messaging platform service partner, bring answer to your problems. With AdsQoo SMS API technology, the success of your business information will be more reliable, secure, realtime and improove trust level of its users.


Easily integrate with our "developer friendly" API into your communication platform and could send various messages to your customers faster

Connect All

With just one API, you can connect with all GSM operators in Indonesia, making it easy to connect your platform's communication to customers

All Protocol

Various protocol to established, such as SMPP or HTTP, we provided, the ease way of system development that speed up your messages operation process

Reach and Engage More Customers

90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. If you are not engaging directly with customers and prospects via text message, you're missing out on one of the most accommodating and helpful channels for your business. With best-in-class text messaging from any GSM network in Indonesia, the AdsQoo SMS API makes it easy to deploy messaging text across your company.

Improve Customer Experiences

Provide upto date information, access codes and updates fast and reliable across your business activities. AdsQoo SMS API gives you direct connection access to all operators within constant and stable operational monitoring of network traffic for sending SMS text messages. Communicate your products and services to benefit of your brand communication platform, notice, and critical customer alerts.

Customer Engagement

SMS messages can help you bring in new customers and strengthen customer relationships across the entire user experiences. A reliable designed SMS API connection, you can build engagement with your customers and drive growth such as new offers, order updates, and information about the latest product features.

Notification and Alerts

Keep customers within your scope of business with realtime notifications to customer accounts such as sending SMS text messages about overdraw notices, transfer receipts or application updates. Alerts customers to unauthorized access attempts and protects their accounts with two factor authentication and a passcode at a time (OTP)


Bulk/Broadcast SMS

Massive SMS sending with ID masking to increase your customer loyalty and involve them in more promotions and activities. It is not easy for mass SMS for marketing and informational purposes. It can also prove expensive. But with our service you get easy bulk SMS sending at an affordable price, along with a great set of features and extras.

Targeted Profiling

Reach the right potential market by sending messages based on customer criteria such as: demographics (age, gender), location, and ARPU. This allows advertisers to be able to target potential buyers or users of their services with very high accuracy and relevance, compared to other promotional media.

sms lba

Location Based Advertising

LBA Service sends direct messages to potential customers in selected specific area or locations. Tracking technology and databases owned by the three major operators in Indonesia,Telkomsel. XL and Indosat now you

can advertise your event/promotion directly to your target market.

USSD Targeted

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data that can send SMS and MMS pop up messages to the right people, with custom channels such as city targets, cellphones, ARPU, and gender.

AdsQoo SMS API Services

We integrate the SMS API of GSM Operators in Indonesia with the ease of use of many digital developers into your communication platform. Sending text messages to your customers quick and easy. Get up and running faster with your communication tools with very clear documentation, comprehensive tools development and reporting support.

You are ready to reach your customers more broadly, expanding your messaging communication correctly will be one more channel model to be more accredited, the one tool messaging engine we have AdsQoo SMS API.

The Advantages of AdsQoo SMS API

Free Trial

Do a free trial with a fast process to find out how reliable our SMS API engine, to help you handle communication service, AdsQoo SMS API bring you advantage


With quite competitive prices, we still maintain the excellent quality of our services to help every business company's communication

Messaging Model

Messaging text or SMS model are available in our services such as reminder, alerts, notices and also OTP as GSM product services.


Reach Your Customers With AdsQoo SMS API

Fastest delivery via highest traffic for GSM operators connection direct from any SMS provider. Send texts from your system faster, reliably and securely with AdsQoo SMS API.

Sign up with the AdsQoo SMS API to start build your text communication.

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